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Agent Of CATSUIT! (108) by Shiny-Fan
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Rey.  The  Importance Of Discipline. by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (105) by Shiny-Fan
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At The Mercy Of The Mammilions! by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (108)
The man hunt for the movie director who had disappeared along with a number of female stars would not normally be within CATSUIT's purview. But the discovery that he had been using ex-Soviet mind control equipment changed that. Normally such equipment would not be so efficient. Had he stumbled upon a new, much more effective approach? Or had he received help from another source, such as the re-mentalisation programmers of Slavendel?

There were few leads in the search, and most of those were tenuous. Still, some were worth following up. For his last movie the director had focussed on the bizarre and secretive Order Of The Latexarius Deliciosus, a group of nuns for whom sex, submission, and latex were means of getting closer to God. Although the film had portrayed a twisted, corrupt, and misleading version of the Order, it had gotten many of the details correct. Much of the information would not be known to outsiders. Perhaps the director had someone on the inside, or had recruited an ex-member?

And so Agents 'Catastrophe', 'Firework', and 'Witch' visit the convent where the Mother Supreme resides. They had been chosen as they each bear a striking, if entirely coincidental, resemblance to celebrities already associated with the order, celebrities who will not be present on this day. That, coupled with the appropriate garments, will allow the Agents to fit in unnoticed during their visit. If the Director does have a spy in the convent, they should be left unaware that Agents are present.


This one is dedicated to dA member Echotango151 (, who came up with the concept of the Order Of The Latexarius Deliciosus. Normally I'd ask permission before using another person's concept (he's the genius who came up with the Maid) but I didn't want to spoil the surprise! If you're not OK with my using your idea mate, it goes against your own plans or something, just let me know and I'll re-write the story.
More about the Order:…
Major Improvement.
Well, that's my opinion at any rate. What Scarlett Johansen could have looked like in a fetishist's interpretation of the Ghost In The Shell outfit.

Just a quick image I threw together. Real life is keeping me busy at the moment, so I don't have time for anything complex.
Agent Of CATSUIT! (107)
The millionaire playboy had been an old friend of the founder of CATSUIT, and was one of the few outsiders to know of the organisation's existence. So when CATSUIT discovered a plot to abduct him at his mansion on his birthday, they wasted no time in setting up protection. Agent codenamed 'Musical' was assigned to lead the protection team.

One of the reasons Musical was picked was that she was testing a variant uniform the R&D department had come up with. Instead of a single piece garment, this was made of many panels that could be attached or removed ass needed. By taking off the panels on the upper thighs and shoulders, she was left with a leotard, gloves, and stockings. Armour protection was somewhat lessened, but the addition of certain accessories allowed her to mingle seamlessly with the playboy's personal staff at the party.


OK, I'll admit bunny girls aren't really my thing, but it's saturdays24's birthday and I know he likes him. And, as it turned out, this was quite fun to do. I'm not entirely convinced by the fishnets, which I added myself as the original model had rather pasty skin, but it's a technique I'll work on and try again.
Agent Of CATSUIT! (106)
Decades ago Agent codenamed 'Solitaire' had thwarted a smuggling and espionage ring based in the Caribbean and and America's east coast. Now it looks like someone is attempting to revive it.

Following a lead in Florida, agent 'Witch' discovers suspicious activity at an alligator enclosure. Unfortunately she is discovered herself, and captured by villains who want to leave no trace of their nefarious activities. Is it her fate to become a tasty snack for the voracious reptiles?
Rey. The Importance Of Discipline.
Rey wasn't sure what Jedi training was supposed to be like, but she sure hadn't expected this. Master Skywalker had insisted she wear the garments she had found hidden on the Millennium Falcon. At first she suspected his long years of solitude had addled his brain, but slowly the truth emerged.

Following his failure to teach his nephew---now known as Kylo Ren---the ways of the Jedi, Master Skywalker was no longer confident in his abilities as a teacher. As a result, he did not wish to teach her the traditions he had learned. Instead, using information gleaned from a Jedi holocron, he applied the methods of a bizarre all female offshoot of the Order. Ultra tight clothing so the student would learn to manage their senses. Constricting corsets, to ensure the student makes the most of each and every breath. Precipitously high heels, emphasising the need for balance, stability, and fluidity of movement.

Difficult and demanding though her lessons were, Rey didn't really want them to end...


Whoops, nearly went through may the Fourth without a Star Wars image. I'd been developing a Jyn Erso idea, but nothing has come from it yet, so I whipped this up quickly. I'm sure it shows.

First reference to that old Jedi offshoot here:…

Rey tries on the clothes for the first time:…

I'm aware there's an error in that second picture. R2 accompanied Rey and Chewie, not BB-8. Really must fix that one of these days.


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United Kingdom
OK, I've said this before, but it needs repeating.
All these images, I do for my own amusement. If other people like them, that's great, I'm genuinely pleased to read comments and criticisms. But that's not why I'm here. If it was, I'd accept commissions and charge for images.

If a celebrity and a situation appeal to me, then working on an image is a joy. But if they don't its a chore, one without reward. As such I do not do requests, there's no point for me.

That's not to say I don't listen to suggestions. If you've got a celebrity in mind, let me know. I might not have heard of them, might look them up and think 'oh yeah, this could work'. It's happened before, and it'll probably happen again.

Likewise with situations, though those rely entirely on me finding a suitable starting image. If you want to see, for example, Natalie Dormer in a latex catsuit, then that's easy (look in my Spy Girls folder, you'll find a few). If you want Natalie aiming a suppressed Glock 17 with laser sight that would be more difficult. Unless I can find an image of someone holding such a gun in a latex gloved hand I'd have to add it myself, which is possible but tricky.

And if you want Natalie tied to a ship's anchor and dropped in the briney depths you're probably out of luck. I'd have to find a catsuit image where the pose matched the anchor (or adjust the pose without making it crudely obvious), add ropes or chains, do the headswap, place it all on a suitable background and adjust everything so it looked like it was underwater. Not only do I not have the time or patience for that task, I'm simply not skilled enough.

To cut a long story short: Feel free to make suggestions, but don't be surprised or upset if the answer is no.

And for reasons I'm not going to argue about or even discuss, I am NOT going to do images of the Romanian pop star Inna. End of.


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